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Concrete Seattle Pro provides and installs a selection of concrete floors across a few industrial and non-commercial areas. Our concrete contractors Seattle WA can tackle any project from multi-story car parks and warehouses to universities and homes.

Installing concrete is a remarkably labor-intensive undertaking and must be done by experienced contractors with permission to access the necessary equipment and technology. Concrete laid by all those with less experience could be directed by cracking, exterior dusting, and general unevenness – every one of that can be quite expensive to rectify. Concrete flooring construction has to be laid by knowledgeable professionals, and our staff can guarantee exceptional outcomes every time.

Customer interaction is an essential element when it comes to laying and designing concrete flooring. There are rarely extra chances when it involves the laying process; therefore, ensuring the customer’s needs and specs is very important. Our years of experience in concrete company Seattle, competent team members, and the most current technology enable our customers to believe that we will complete their projects to the highest standard.

Our Concrete Flooring Finishes

You could find two of our most popular alternatives below:

Brush Finishes- Brush finishes tend to be found in car parks and areas that need non-slip surfaces. The procedure involves tugging a wire concrete brush crossed the surface area of newly laid concrete.

Dust Topping- Dust topping is applied before the power-float process starts. You can add your selected color to this finish. The method is an easy one that uses a spreader to employ the dust and then a specialized piece of equipment called a power-float to complete the finer details.

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Concrete Floor Seattle

Concrete Sealing- It shields your concrete from dangerous deterioration, making a high gloss finish for giving you a gorgeous, sturdy floor. We typically apply concrete sealing to vehicle showrooms, food preparation facilities and schools, warehouses, and retail stores.

Even though it may seem that concrete is indestructible, that is not at all true. In much cooler weather, moisture that permeates the concrete can freeze and thaw frequently, creating the concrete to spall, crack, and buckle or heave. If the concrete isn’t sealed, the water on the surface will allow mildew and mold to develop. Call us now to give your concrete floor a complete life.

Concrete Staining- Properly created and installed concrete staining will catch the stylish appearance of far more costly flooring choices, including sandstone, slate, and granite. Due to this, your floor will look expensive and stylish when compared with unstained concrete.

Concrete Polishing- Within industrial and commercial facilities, polished concrete is undoubtedly a top pick. Polished concrete offers advantages that both designers and builders enjoy:

  • The area of polished concrete has excellent grip, damp or even dry. The surface is also prepared to use immediately when the polishing is done, saving resources and time.
  • Polished concrete can be quite shiny, making the light reflected from the floor and returned upwards into the ecosystem. The added ambient lighting effects is a cash saving factor as you can lessen the quantity of lighting you are using to accomplish the same brightness.
  • Efflorescence takes place in concrete when dampness is sacrificed with the environment and provides an aesthetic issue as the concrete will renege. Polished concrete is shielded from this flaking because of its sealing nature.